cast but a glance

by Elizabeth de Barros

Cast but a glance, not your pearls.

 How do I rend my heart

When I’ve only ever given garments?

—Far lesser things I might have afforded

If ‘twere not for chastening Divine.

Mourning dove,

covered in ash;

thy bruisings go deep.

O, Steady Hand, go before me,

Severe Mercy, perform your alien work!

When Despair set low her bolts and bars

She blinded my eyes,

thrust me asunder.

My spirit flagged, the flesh gave out.

By taking strength from other gods,

—‘twas Thee I had refused.

Now I am caught;


listless from the winds and damp.

These markings — where did they come from?

Look away!

“It’s too hard, I must deserve this.”

But ev’n tears are cleansed of boasting

in Thy Presence.

Canst thou hear Me singing?

Peer through the lock,

Thy vigorous captors are no more.


Heaven’s flames extinguished, Fury’s quenched at last!

Lift up thine eyes; look about—

 ‘It is finished’


—Cerulean skies; the temps are fair.


As My love, so My scars,


and ever shall be


That My dwelling be found in thee.

 © 2011 Elizabeth DeBarros

For further meditation:

 Joel 2:13; Isaiah 38:14; Zephaniah 3:17; Isaiah 60:1; Isaiah 53:10-12; Isaiah 63:4-6

John 19:30; Revelation 1:5; Exodus 34:14; Exodus 15:13; Ezekiel 37:27


This poem was originally written for “Celebrating the Excellencies of His Name,” the collaborative series currently hosted by my dear friend, Becky Pliego, at her website, Daily on My Way to Heaven:

“During this Advent season, we want to invite you to join us in considering and celebrating the excellencies of the names of our Lord. We want to see Him fully…to know Him better, to worship and love Him more. And we will do this by studying His names.”

~We would love for you to come and share in the blessing~