“For zeal for your house has consumed me…”

—Psalm 69:9


I DECIDED TO BLOG as a way to organize my soul, put into words the observations and meditations of my heart most authentic to my faith. My posts are more theological sketch than one-sided debate, along with the occasional poem or firebrand, depending. If the mood strikes, I might share the odd recipe, along with commentary. I lean mostly toward broad themes, using Scripture as ballast, letting the words come when they do, which averages out to be about once a month.

If somehow you’re inspired, strengthened, encouraged, comforted, or informed by anything I might say here, then may God be praised unto a greater glory. It’s all for Him.



 My website, so named after the principal vein of gold that runs through a rock, is an ever-developing facet of my writing life. As with a stone, I’ll pick up on a topic, feel it with my fingers, explore its properties, and hammer away at it until it splits open, “mining for a vein of truth in the stuff that matters.”


Healthy public discourse is one of the reasons why I enjoy blogging so much. What you have to say is important to me and, by extension, other readers, as it contributes to the unique phenomenon known as social media. Your thoughts, opinions, and perspectives are welcome here.


Comments that are discourteous, off-topic, argumentative, misleading, or that contain profanity will not be published. I may edit for clarity and grammar only.

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